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Beau was adopted through BARCs rescue - officially at the beginning of 2016.  He started as a foster dog that needed a little extra help.  He wasn't comfortable with most people, especially men.  We took on the challenge of his personality quirks - possibly caused by his last "home" - and he ended up staying.  Who could say no to that adorable face?



Tux was adopted from Old's College Adopt-a-Pet program in late 2013.  He came with a few quirks which we worked hard to turn into better manners.  He quickly stole the hearts of the whole family, even those who weren't always sure about "pitbull type" dogs.  At home he is a huge couch potato and bed hog, out and about he is all about the love!

Gerrod O'Hara - photographer

I have had an intense interest in photography for many years now.  I am always trying to figure out how to take better photos of constantly moving targets.  Dogs are our life, so it only makes sense to try to capture their personalities on film for their loving families.

Jacqueline O'Hara - Dog Trainer (ABCdt)

I have been a dog trainer since 2010.  Starting off doing dog training classes for PetSmart, I developed an appetite to learn more about training.  I completed my Animal Behaviour College certification in early 2012 and used that knowledge in conjunction with my PetSmart training to continue helping as many pet parents as I could.  I have run group classes and private classes depending on the needs of the dog and the owner and absolutely love seeing a dog and their family learn and grow together.

we have a passion for bully breeds!

We both have extensive knowledge when it comes to the so called bully breeds.  We have two Pit Bull crosses of our own, and have fostered many Pit mixes brought up through BARCs Rescue.  We take pride in helping to restore the image set forth by the media against "Pit Bulls" and we strongly believe that each dog is their own entity and another's actions do not and should not reflect on the entire breed.  Please feel free to book photo sessions for your dangerous pitty or your ferocious rottweiler.  Any breed that gets a bad rap, we love and will treat with equal respect and dignity that any dog deserves.