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Marvellous Muttz

A wonderful grooming salon in Calgary's NW, Marvellous Muttz does amazing work.  They offer everything from bath and brush to a full groom and de-shedding!  They also offer Healing touch Reiki and a hydro spa for those that are getting old and creaky!  Please check out their webpage and Facebook page if you are looking for an amazing place to have your pet groomed!



A wonderful option for our clients in the south (currently).  PawButler offers walks when you are unable to take your dogs out yourself, on leash or off, as well as in home boarding!  Check out these wonderful people if you need someone to watch your pooch while you go away on vacation!  Have other furry, feathered or scaled critters at home?  They will look after them as well!  Check out their website for more info on pricing!

Fur-Ever Homes Rescue

One of the many adoption agencies in the Calgary area.  We work with the less adoptable dogs to help them adjust and become wonderful companion animals!  Fur-Ever Homes is a wonderful option for those looking for a smaller dog to add to their family!

A list of our partners or businesses that we have had wonderful experiences with.  Please take a look at their pages to see what services they offer that may benefit you!

Black Collar Society

A beautiful facility to send your dog to daycare or boarding!  Black Collar Society offers many options for looking after your dog while you are at work or away.  Have them hang out at the hotel or have the girls drop in to let your pooch out when you can't.  Check out their website for more in depth info on their services and pricing!