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Puppy-K (8-16 weeks)

Learn some interactive ways to teach your young pup manners from an early age!  Through the use of games and light training, we will help you get an early handle on the "puppy crazies"!

Only offered as an in home session until your puppy has at least 2 sets of shots.

Cost: $60.00


Let us help you teach your dog to love the treadmill!  A great way to drain energy on those days where time gets away from you or it is just too cold outside to go for a good, structured walk!  We help you introduce and train your dog to enjoy hopping on and going for a run while in the comfort of your own home.

Please note: you must have a treadmill in your home for the training session.

Cost: $60.00

Tricks, Tricks, Tricks

For those looking to build a stronger bond with their dog through learning different tricks to build attention and confidence.

Learn tricks like:

Paw              Crawl          Sit Pretty

High Five      Dead          Speak

Wave            Roll Over

Cost: $60.00

Puppies (16-24 weeks)

Begin to focus more strongly on instilling good behavior in your new family member!  Sessions can be done in home or out and about in the real world.  We will only focus on 3-5 behaviors or ways to solve challenges per session.

Cost: $80.00

Please Note

- $30.00 per session additional charge to add dogs of the same household to the session.  If more intensive challenges arise with added dogs, cost will be revised.

- All sessions are 1 hour long.

- A consultation may be required for the trainer to asses behaviours prior to any training.  Consultations are 30 minutes long and cost $15.


All recall!  Spend a solid hour working on encouraging a reliable recall.  Begin by working in your home and yard before progressing to a longer line on a walk and an even longer line in a field in subsequent sessions!

Cost: $80.00

Youth/Adult (6 mo +)

Got a "wild child"?  need to instill some manners in your older dog?  This option is perfect for your not-so-puppy!  We will show you how to work with your dog to bring energy down and increase focus.  Less focus on puppy behaviors and more on creating a polite pooch!

Cost: $80.00