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Requirements for Class

Please be aware that we require you to have on hand a few things for us to be able to do the classes with you.  Take a look at the following list and make sure you have the neccessary items available for use during the sessions

Vaccination Records

Rabies (over 4 months old)

DHPP (booster shots given for distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvovirus)

Bordetella (reccomended for contact with other dogs on a regular basis - classes, daycare, boarding)

4 to 6 Foot Leash

Absolutely NO retractable leashes please.  These pose a risk to everyone in close proximity and you need to be focused on the dog, not if the leash is locked.  A dog should learn to walk on a basic leash before being given more freedom.

Collar, Harness or Head Harness

We recommend using a plain buckle collar (flat collar) when possible.  We do also understand that some dogs just do not do well on a buckle collar.  We will adapt to whichever tools you have chosen to use with your dog and show you how to safely and effectively use them.

Lots of Bite Sized Treats

Bring or have on hand a variety of bite sized treats.  We don't want your dog getting bored of a single treat or flavour.  Mixing a small hand full of several different treats together in a bag or treat pouch is a great way to surprise them with what they are getting as a treat!  If your dog is not motivated by food, have a special motivator with you.

Bed or Mat

Definitely a requirement if we are working on "place" or "spot", otherwise this is optional.